Large rupture to the lower abdomen. Multiple bleed sights available using out blood pump system or your own. Treatable with packing around the guts.

Visually very impressive, can be used with or without make up and easily applied within minutes.

Large and potentially fatal wound encouraging trainees to prioritise treatment.

Fits a small to medium, can be easily washed and serve for many trainings.

Ideal for advance 1st responders and big impact wounds.




we have all the accoutrements you could need to really get the most out of THIS PRODUCT. our complete package includes:

  • EXTREME make-up kit

  • blood pump system

  • supply of simulation blooD




This product and it's integrated blood pump mechanics can be controlled remotely via the app.

Information about blood flow and treatment during training is collected live.

Our app can then collate data to be used for reviewing training simulations.