What is an Extreme Incident?

  • Includes Casualties wounded and/or kidnapped

  • The feeling of a “first time experience”: Mentally challenging & surprising

  • Creates difficulty in understanding the situation

  • Handling the incident successfully requires capabilities that exceed/deviate from the basic techniques

  • Limited access to medical & rescue resources

A Simulation of a Real-Life Event/Situation

  • Creates a Multi-Sensory experience – Site, Smell, Sound and Touch - Provides the trainee a mental experience of being in a real incident.

  • Makes the trainees deal with real unexpected challenges the requires Resourcefulness & Resilience.

  • Creates Challenges in understanding the situation at hand

Holistic Solution

Extreme Simulations training platform provides a solution for three aspects that influence the capability to handle Mass Casualty Incidents

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Types of Training

Our mass casualty incident training's focus on Medical Casualty Care procedures, decision making, medical treatment during evacuation & mental resilience.

Military training

  • Experience an Extreme Event

  • Familiarity with the aspects of an Extreme Event

  • Build capabilities of commanding an MCI

  • Acquiring tools to cope with any scenario/layout: Armored Combat Vehicle, Urban Warfare, Open Space Warfare

Training applicable to all echelon’s including -

Military – commander training

Military – Platoon training

Military – Battalion & Brigade training

Navy  - On Ships Training

Navy – Incursion from the Sea – Special Forces

Air Borne-  Air Force Training

Military – CSI – Casualty Identification  

Medical – EMS teams – MCI training

Medical –“Bleeding Room” - Medical Procedures Station

Medical – MD’s, Field Hospitals

Civilian CSI