This amputation trauma simulator, simulates a full amputation of the left arm above the elbow, and is fully treatable with a tourniquet, complete with 2 bleed sites (venous and arterial), and a removable exposed solid bone.

Extreme simulations trade make level of realism this will bring your trainings to the next level.

This prop can be used in conjunction with our blood pump or with your own to create a realistic effect which is fully treatable using a tourniquet with no discomfort to the actor (can also be used on a mannequin if needed). 

Effectively and convincingly hides the actors real arm with little to no discomfort. The prop is easily cleaned and can be reused many times, it is very durable and tear resistant. It can be deployed within minutes with or without make up making a cost effective and truly convincing training aid.

Fits a wide range of sizes with easily adjustable straps.

Optional pressure sensors for real time feed back and integration with our app.

Available in various skin tones 




we have all the accoutrements you could need to really get the most out of THIS PRODUCT. our complete package includes:

  • EXTREME make-up kit

  • blood pump system

  • supply of simulation blooD




This product and it's integrated blood pump mechanics can be controlled remotely via the app.

Information about blood flow and treatment during training is collected live.

Our app can then collate data to be used for reviewing training simulations.