Packing TT

One single deep inner Thigh located Laceration wound with a single strong arterial bleed, this is fully treatable using the packing technique. Combined with clothing this piece is hyper realistic piece tricks the eye with its level of realism.

Used for training of "packing" procedure to stop hematomas. . It’s design incorporates internal main arteries, touch sensors and integrated blood supply

Easily applied to actor on mannequin within a matter of minutes (with or without make-up) from small to XL sizing, quickly adjustable using a strap system, making this an affordable re useable option for your training scenarios

This item can be used with our blood pump system or within your own system, it can be reset within minutes so you can train multiple trainees in one day.

Easily cleaned and serviced guaranteeing many many reliable uses.

Available in multiple skin tones

optional sensors pack available for direct real time feed back to our app.

Optional pressure pads available so full pressure can be applied with little to no discomfort to actor.




we have all the accoutrements you could need to really get the most out of THIS PRODUCT. our complete package includes:

  • EXTREME make-up kit

  • blood pump system

  • supply of simulation blooD




This product and it's integrated blood pump mechanics can be controlled remotely via the app.

Information about blood flow and treatment during training is collected live.

Our app can then collate data to be used for reviewing training simulations.