About Extreme Simulations

In the harsh world we live in, the threat of a natural disaster, accident or attack is always lurking around the corner. Any such emergency disrupts the normal functioning of your organization.  Extreme Simulations specializes in preparing people and organizations for crisis situations, using hyper-realistic tools and techniques. Our company offers consulting services, training, and products, based on our years of experience. Our solutions will raise your organization and your team to a new level, preparing them for every challenge.

Our team


Oriel Herman


Business Development, Finance, Marketing


Johnathan Bahat


Head of Training & Consulting


Ruth Herman

Head Designer

Modeling, Sculpturing, Painting


Isaac Franklin

Head Technician

Prototyping, Engineering, Casting


Ronit Laufer-Sabag

Project Manager

Tech Development, Tech Projects

Clients & Partners

Among our clients; medical centers, search and rescue organizations, emergency services, police, HLS & security agencies, military ground forces, air-force, navy, , corporates, factories, municipalities and  NGO’s.


Our consulting services are led by highly skilled professionals in the fields of crisis and emergency preparedness. They will help your organization to achieve your specific goals. 

Our consultants specialize in mental resilience and leadership programs, continuity of operations (COOP), planning, building and operating simulation facilities, building casualty identification and CSI divisions, and managing crisis situations.

Dangerous substances Training

Our experts have had years of experience in dealing with the unique challenges of dangerous substances emergency events while serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). As a result, we have developed innovative methods and techniques for dealing with chemical/bio-hazard/epidemic and radio-active events , focusing on different aspects, such as: rescue, evacuation & isolation, artificial respiration, use of protective & medical equipment, disinfection & purification, basic and advanced medical care under these special and challenging situations.

Casualty Identification and CSI divisions

Our CSI experts have had years of field experience in casualty identification while serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the Police Forensic Unit. As a result, we have developed innovative methods and techniques for identifying casualties, and our fast, focused and efficient process has a higher probability of success. We guide your organization through the entire process of teaching casualty identification; from preparing the right program, through courses and training.

Managing Crisis Situations

Managing a crisis situation by responding effectively makes all the difference between an event where the situation deteriorates to the point of collapse, and an event which allows for recovery and growth. Our experts provide tools for your organization in any crisis. Learn to prepare correctly for potential threats, understand the risks and grasp the opportunities, maximize the resources at hand, contain the event and minimize damage, communicate correctly, and implement relevant skills.

Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Our experts will guide your organization towards the goal of achieving continuity. They will ensure that your organization’s essential functions will be maintained, or alternatively, that they will be rapidly resumed, whenever normal activities are disrupted in an emergency situation. We have accumulated thousands of hours working with organizations such as the Israeli Air Force (IAF), Intel Corp, and municipalities, helping them validate their COOP plans.

Mental Resilience for individuals & organizations

Our mental resilience and leadership programs are managed by experts who previously headed mental preparedness programs in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) for thousands of combat soldiers and officers. The knowledge accumulated over the years is not only extremely relevant and valuable, but vital for training organizations and corporations to cope with extreme stress situations.

Simulation Centers

From “pop-up” simulation rooms and mobile simulation facilities to large hospital-based simulation centers, our consultants guide you through the process of creating tailor-made medical simulation facilities, from identifying needs and drafting concepts, through planning and building, operating and managing a medical simulation center.


Our training packages accommodate the entire chain of events – from injury to hospitalization. The company’s portfolio includes scenarios, wearable medical task trainers, bleeding systems, casualty ID tools, unique elements for COOP training,  medical and tactical mannequins, elements of dangerous substances training, medical and military guidance, and data-based analytics and debriefing. Training is tailored to your specific needs: medical, governmental, municipal, military, HLS, labs, infrastructure, transportation, factories, corporations and more. We collect the essential data and immediately implement changes by means of our “extreme incident training system” which analyses simulations of emergency situations. The system has undergone rigorous testing and is now integrated into all the services we provide.


What is an Extreme Incident?

The Training Process

Data based analysis of the organization’s level of preparedness and identifying gaps in capability:


Provides large-scale extreme incident training which serves the needs of the organization.


Provides detailed digital analysis of the performance of the organization and debriefing. Extreme Simulations’ innovative methods identify gaps in mental, medical and operational capability, based on the Orange Capability Triangle (see figure below).


Structures a tailor-made training course for all levels of the organization: from field operators and mid-level managers to executive levels.

ES Orange Capability Triangle



Medical Centers

  • Triage and management of an E.R after a MCI
  • Emergency preparedness exercises
  • Managing an Extreme Event – Executive Level
  • Professional considerations in managing triage
  • Trauma surgery simulation

First Responders

  • Single shooter/terror attack
  • Disaster area advanced training
  • Managing an extreme event “on field”
  • Triage and management during a MCI
  • Evacuation & S&R training


  • Tactical medical training
  • Military MCI training
  • Prolonged Field Care (PFC)
  • Military field surgery
  • Continuity of operations (COOP) – Military Base
  • Naval emergencies
  • Casualty identification
  • Evacuation from disaster areas & armored vehicles
  • Special units training
  • Evacuation chain


Continuity of Operations (COOP)

  • Optimizing available resources
  • Leadership under pressure
  • Decision making under extreme pressure
  • Implementing leadership in a team
  • Maintaining a chain of command
  • Teamwork in an extreme event
  • Communication and coordination

Mental Resilience

  • Emergency preparedness exercises
  • Decision making under severe pressure
  • Leadership under pressure 
  • Optimizing available resources 
  • Teamwork in an extreme event

Casualty Identification

  • Casualty Identification in mass casualty incidents
  • Methodologies for investigating an extreme event which involves casualties and/or missing persons
  • Innovative methods and techniques for identifying casualties


Extreme Simulations’ products are designed with trainers and trainees in mind. They feature durability, effectiveness, hyper-realism and ease of use and service. The products are manufactured at our U.K. center by our highly experienced team of designers using only the highest quality materials. Our products have been validated by the Medical Simulation Center (MSR) at Sheba Hospital and have been field tested by Israeli Army (IDF) combat units. Our products include: Task Trainers, Mannequins, Wearable Wounds, Consumables and Mobile Simulation Facilities.

Task Trainers

  • Arm tourniquet trainer – Tim arm
  • Leg tourniquet trainer – Tim leg
  • Packing, tourniquet and pressure points trainer – Josh 
  • IV simulator


  • Full Body Trauma mannequin
  • Drag and evacuation mannequin

Wearable Wounds

  • Bleeding wearable wounds – arms
  • Bleeding wearable wounds – legs
  • Torso wounds – Chest and abdomen 
  • Wearable wounds – head injuries


  •  Suture pads: single layer, double layer, triple layer
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Wound applications (stickers) 
  • Demi Blood
  • Demi Blood (thick)

Mobile Simulation Facilities

  • Physical simulation sets and props
  • Mannequins and training tools
  • Special effects
  • Pyrotechnics 


For any enquiry please contact us

Extreme Simulations is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand to additional markets. For enquiries and suggestions for collaborations, joint venture proposals, investments or business opportunities, please contact us.